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Sapulpa Karate Academy teaches traditional Tang Soo Do and is affiliated with the Tang Soo Do Moo Do Kwan Association.  We have been a presence in Sapulpa, Oklahoma since 1992.  Sapulpa Karate is under the direction of Sa Bom Nim Rick Bailey.  Our instructors are Kyo Sa Nim Mark Teague, Kyo Sa Nim Ralph Faulkenberry, and Kyo Sa Nim Joel Pence.

In a world of ordinary things you are special.  While the worries of life pull others down, you know that all one has to do is open their wings and fly towards the brighter light.  When the cold darkness of despair causes others to fear, you remain calm knowing that your inner fire will always keep you warm.  When others fear, you are there to share your power and magical spirit.  While others may bluster and threaten, you stand quietly.  For true power and strength shine without need of help.  In a world of the ordinary and mundane, you are special.
You are a Dragon.  You are special.

Original artwork by Shanna Teague, copyrighted 2002.

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c/o 3728 S. Elm Pl.  PMB 545, Broken Arrow, Ok.  74011