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Our Instructors

(not pictured: Sa Bom Nim Rex Smith)


    Sa Bom Nim Mark Teague

Mr. Teague started training in Tang Soo Do in November 1985. Mr. Teague is a 3rd degree black belt.  His instructor is Sa Bom Nim Rick Bailey, who is the owner and chief instructor of Oklahoma Karate with schools in Bartlesville, Owasso, and Coffeville, Ks. Sa Bom Nim Bailey is a 6th degree black belt.

Mr. Teague tested for:                                      1st degree - 20 June 1991   

2nd degree / Kyo Sa -    30 Nov 1993

3rd degree  -   30 Dec 1996       

4th degree / Sa Bom - May 17 - 24th 2003






  Sa Bom Nim Ralph Faulkenberry

Mr. Faulkenberry started under Sa Bom Nim Bailey in 1980.  Mr. Faulkenberry is also a ski instructor and private pilot.

Mr. Faulkenberry tested for:        1st degree - 30 Nov 1993          

2nd degree -                           

3rd degree -                            

Kyo Sa -  22 June 2002

4th degree / Sa Bom - May 17 - 24th 2003


       Kyo Sa Nim Joel Pence

Mr. Pence began training under Mr. Teague in February 1993.  In 1999, he won first place in the 1st degree black belt sparring division at the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan National Championships. 

Mr. Pence tested for:               1st degree - 24 April 1998        

2nd degree - 29 April 2000        

Kyo Sa - 22 June 2002

3rd degree - May 17th, 2003